Abstract submission

All abstracts accepted for oral or poster presentation will be published.

Abstract submission is open from February 1, 2018, through August 1, 2018, via email eura3congress@gmail.com


Topic list

  1. Pathophysiology and genetic aspects in arrhythmology
  2. Non-invasive and invasive diagnostics of arrhythmias
  3. Supraventricular arrhythmias
  4. Bradyarrhythmias
  5. Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter.
  6. Ventricular arrhythmias
  7. Sudden cardiac death: risk stratification and prevention.
  8. Arrhythmias in pediatric cardiology
  9. Antiarrhythmic pharmacologic therapy
  10. Implantable devices and catheter ablation
  11. Cardiothoracic surgery in arrhythmias.
  12. Cardiovascular rehabilitation in arrhythmias
  13. New techniques and technologies in arrhythmology
  14. Comorbidity in arrhythmology.
  15. Experimental arrhythmology
  16. Management of arrhythmology service
  17. History of arrhythmology
  18. Neurocardiology
  19. Syncope

Abstract submission rules

Abstracts are accepted in English or Russian in *.doc or *.docx format to be sent as an attachment to eura3congress@gmail.com. Limit use of acronyms and abbreviations. Define at the first use with acronym or abbreviation in parentheses. Neither tables nor figures are allowed in abstracts. Page formatting: Times New Roman 12 pt, 1.5 lines spacing, no hyphens are allowed.

  1. First line – Abstract title (typed in capitals, center text, no indentation).
  2. Second line –Authors surname and name (center text, no indentation).
  3. Third line – Affiliations: institution/university/hospital, city, country (enter text, no indentation).
  4. Abstract text – should not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces). We recommend to structure abstract using the following headings: Background, Purpose, Material and methods, Results, and Conclusion highlighted in bold font (first line indentation 25 cm, justify abstract text on a page).

Name of the abstract file should include the first author name (e.g. Ardashev_abstract.docx).

Please specify whether you prefer a poster or an oral presentation or abstract publication without presentation. All abstracts will be reviewed, and all abstract submitters will be notified by email about the results of the review and selection process.

Requirements for poster presentation

Poster dimensions: portrait orientation, A1 poster size – 84.1 cm (height) x 59,4 cm (width). Posters on several sheets are not advised.

Poster design: Title, author(s), address; Purpose; Methods; Results; Conclusions. The title/sub-titles should be emphasized by the use of bold font. The text should be broken up by the inclusion of tables and figures. Please refer to registration staff on Congress site for further assistance.